Hello, I'm a full-stack developer in Sweden!

Freddie Lust-Hed

Digital Craftsman ( Developer / Designer )


I'm a full-stack developer based in Uppsala with a passion for building all things user oriented. I have a lot of experience launching products, from planning and designing all the way to solving real-life problems with code. When not online, you can find me riding down mountains both in winter and summer.


1987Born in Mora, Sweden
2011Computer and Systems Science Bachelor Program, Uppsala University, Uppsala
2011Designer / Android developer at AppCrate
2012Lead Android developer at apegroup with big clients such as ICA
2014Android developer at Aftonbladet for several applications; Aftonbladet, Sportbladet, Sportbladet Hockey, Sportbladet Fotboll, and Supernytt.
2015Android developer at Doist
2016Lead full-stack developer at Sokigo for the PlanDirekt product
2022Lead front-end developer at Viatel
2023Android developer at Bontouch

I ❤️

Art, Music, Playing Guitar, Video Games, Snowboard, Electric Mountainboard, Space, Baking

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